OVINI is a women’s and men’s ready-to-wear fashion brand based in Melbourne. The brand is built on the principles of timelessness and sustainability. Born and raised in Sri Lanka, Ovini had an interest in fashion and a desire to create clothing since her early childhood. She was exposed to the garment industry from an early childhood which led her into the world of textile and design. Soon after graduating from high school, she took an Advanced diploma in fashion design in her hometown Colombo before moving to Melbourne to further pursue her studies. Ovini successfully completed the Bachelor of Fashion (Design) (Honours) program at RMIT and graduated in 2019. After the few years of studying in the field, she knows she wants to build a brand that is transparent and represents a slower pace and process.


Ovini’s practice as a designer involves the production of conscious designing techniques and thoughtful making processes, to give life and meaning to the garments she creates. She strives to design for a wardrobe of longevity and to build a relationship between the wearer and the garment as an approach to extend garment lifespan. Her design approaches include exploring the traditional archetypes, considering noble materials and fabrication to create garments whilst maintaining comfort, function and quality. Ovini’s commitment is to experiment with varying techniques and processes to produce unique and authentic wardrobe pieces without compromising her ethics and key values.